Ying Ye | Visual Designer
Visual Designer

Make Room
for Weird

A positive self-esteem campaign

The Room for Weird campaign was a concept exploration to help motivate younger generations to embrace their personality, no matter how awkward they may feel. 

The Vision
A Self-Esteem Campaign

Always Room for Weird

Upon brainstorming concepts, the idea of making room for "strangeness" came into being. The catalyst for this campaign was to create something relatable because there need to be more messaging and visuals that make room for a spectrum of people

A Self-Esteem Campaign

Make Your Strange Known

Everyone has richness to add and we want to create a campaign that helps foster self-confidence. It was our vision to shine a light on everyone's unique talents.

It was an important principle that the idea felt authentic, unfiltered and real. 

A Self-Esteem Campaign
Campaign Roll-Out
A Self-Esteem Campaign
A Self-Esteem Campaign
A Self-Esteem Campaign