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Health & Fitness App for All Bodies


The health and fitness app industry is very saturated, with almost 96% of users gravitating to only one fitness app.

I saw an opportunity to support female identifying individuals because: 

• Strength, fitness and nutrition are a very masculine-dominated pursuit

• It is common to be self critical about their appearance instead of celebration

• There is a market to create a unique personalized health & fitness experience

My Role

Visual Designer, User Interface Designer


6 week timeframe to create branding and identity, high-fidelity screens, interactions, responsive design for marketing website, interactive prototype, and a style guide.

The Challenge

Design a cohesive visual brand language for a mobile-responsive platform and responsive landing page that reimagines how target users can find and engage with fitness recommendations and health plans. 

Fitness for All Bodies

My Solution 

Click here to explore the mobile prototype

Continue reading below if you feel like learning more about the inspiration, visual language, priority screens and user testing insights.

Concept – Our Bodies are Wise

Wisebody is an idea rooted in the wisdom inherent within us that we all come into the world filled with vitality. As we become more or less shaped by our culture and social norms we lose that self confidence. We want to help reshape how we think about our relationship to our body by making health and fitness more intuitive & empowering.

Fitness for All Bodies
Fitness for All Bodies

Style Tile Reasoning

The visual direction evokes a sense of meditation, softness and celebration. 

• Brush strokes and organic shape patterns celebrate body shapes and sizes

• ITC Souvenir and Niramit are characteristically humanistic with retro personality 

• The earth tone color palette echo the idea of renewal

• Rounded buttons and outlined icons support a transparent and gentle platform 

Logo Concept

The wordmark, "wisebody" is made of 2 different typefaces forming the word "wise" and "body", communicating the idea of harmony, where two opposites work together. A standalone abstract mark in the shape of an incomplete "B" accompanies the word mark, celebrating the curves of the human body

Fitness for All Bodies

Final Logo Iteration

I adjusted the kerning and weight to the word mark and refined the abstract mark. 

Desirability Testing

After designing the high fidelity screens, I asked 3 users who fit my target demographic about their experience and response using the prototype. 

Key User Insights

2/3 felt the color palette was appropriate but lacked saturation

2/3 found the logo disconnected with the overall brand/unexciting

2/3 noticed the representation of various body types

1/3  brought up the cost aspect of using this app

1/3 suggested an option for those without a health condition

Style Guide

Lessons I'll carry along

Through the length of this project, I learned three things. 

  • Always listen to and contextualize user's feedback as objectively as possible
  • Consistent design is possible when there's a system set up from the start
  • Aesthetics is a good principle to strive for but striking a balance with functionality is also vital

The Solution

Click Here to experience the prototype or click on the prototype